Information on Alassio and Borgo Coscia

The CORALLO Residence is located near the San Francesco Square, where the ancient Borgo Coscia begins.

In the IV Novembre road, where our car entrance is, at the end of the road, on the beach, there is the Torrione, a bastion built to protect people from pirates’ attacks who, between the 1500 and the 1700, tried to land in Alassio.
Going towards the port, you can find the most beautiful of Alassio’ s beaches ( it is on this side that we have the sunset later in the evening ).
Just before you enter the port, on the rigth side, on a rock over the sea, a Chapel ( 1928 ) is built in memory of people died in the sea.
But Alassio is not only sea and beaches, in fact there are many possibilities to spend your time without to be bored. There are many historic-naturalistic walks, the market of antique-trade and collections ( every sunday ), the tour boat around the Gallinara Island, the Whale watching in the Whale Sanctuary or a visit to the Toirano Grotto or to the Genoa Acquarium..
For the sportsman, you can go to the Hanbury Tennis Club and the Garlenda Golf Club.
Among the Alassio’ s events we remind you of various Sailing Championships, the International Dance Championships, with many competitors coming from all over the world, Literary Competition as ” An author for Europe”, ” 100 Books”, “An editor for Europe” and the Beauty Contest “Miss Muretto”.

Speeaking of Muretto, we remind you that Alassio is also famous for the
“Muretto wall” that is 500 meters from CORALLO Residence, near to the TownHall gardens. The “Muretto” is famous for the over 500 tiles signed by many people famous in the field Literature, Sports and Show. For children, in summer, there are many spectacles as the Puppet Theatre or to partecipate in the competition The Best Sandcastle Builder.

Among the cooking specialities, to taste and eat we remind you of : farinata, focacce, the “Bread of the sailorman” and the famous chocolate sweets “Kiss of Alassio”!
All these specialities can be found near CORALLO Residence in the tipical shops, restaurants, pizzerias and Bars.